Can a good software developer be a good project manager?


Software developer: A software developer is a person who creates and maintains software programs for computers and other types of technology. They use programming languages and other tools to construct applications and programs.

Project manager: A project manager is a professional involved in the planning, execution and closing of any project, typically relating to construction, engineering, architecture, computing, communications or other fields.

Project managers are responsible for overseeing the entire project, ensuring it is completed on time, within budget and of the desired quality.

Can a good software developer be a good project manager? The answer is yes – a software developer has the technical skills necessary to understand the complexities of project management and the principles of project planning, which are fundamental to successful project delivery. In addition, they have the necessary knowledge and experience to use the latest tools and techniques to help manage the project workflow.

Software developers can easily transition into the role of a project manager with the right guidance and training. By acquiring the necessary skills and knowledge, such as project management principles, project life cycle management, financial management and risk management, software developers can effectively manage software development projects.

Therefore, a good software developer can certainly be a good project manager. The key is to have the right set of skills and abilities required to successfully complete the tasks associated with project management. With the appropriate training, software developers can learn the fundamentals of project management and use their technical background and knowledge to help create and manage successful projects.

1. Advantages of a Good Software Developer Being a Good Project Manager

Organization of Information

A good software developer is a valuable asset in any project as they have the technical skills to create applications, solve software problems, and write code. At the same time, project managers are responsible for managing tasks, delegating tasks, and keeping track of deadlines and progress. Combining these two roles can provide powerful synergy as a software developer with project management experience has the ability to prioritize tasks, enhance workflow processes, and improve software projects from start to finish.

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Ability to Anticipate & Avoid Software Pitfalls

Having software development experience and project management capabilities gives a project manager a unique insight and the opportunity to recognize potential software challenges early on and make decisions to avoid those issues. For example, awareness of proper coding structures and common software bug patterns provides a better understanding of potential software problems and allows the manager to anticipate and plan solutions proactively.

Facilitating Communication with Technical Team

A software developer turned project manager is able to bridge the gap between teams by serving as a go-between from the technical to business sides. This approach allows for greater understanding between all parties involved and ensures end goals are defined and tasks are completed effectively. A software developer with project management experience is also able to recognize when a separate technical expert may need to be consulted in order for tasks to be completed effectively.

Supportive of Cross-Functional Teams

A software developer with project management experience is in an ideal position to develop cross-functional teams. They are able to accommodate members with different background experiences whilst striving to create an efficient workflow process. By understanding how teams work together, they are able to identify synergies and create a productive team environment.

  • Organization of Information
  • Ability to Anticipate & Avoid Software Pitfalls
  • Facilitating Communication with Technical Team
  • Supportive of Cross-Functional Teams

In conclusion, having a good software developer as a project manager is an invaluable asset. With the ability to anticipate issues and understand the technical complexities of software development, they are well suited to lead software projects to successful completion.

2. Challenges that a Good Software Developer Might Face as a Project Manager

“Programming is like a game of chess; you must anticipate your opponent’s moves” – Unknown

Taking on the role of a Project Manager can be a challenge for any individual, even more so for seasoned software developers. Good development skills don’t necessarily translate to strong project management abilities.

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Adopting New Skills

One of the challenges a software developer may encounter transitioning into the role of a project manager is learning the skills and knowledge of the job. This could include various tasks, such as planning, scheduling, budgeting, design and management experience. Even though a software developer may have programming and development experience, the requirements to be a successful project manager can be very different and require additional skills and knowledge.

Adapting to a New Role

In addition to the new skills to be learned, a software developer has to also adjust to a different role. A project manager is the one who has ultimate responsibility for a project, coordinating the efforts of other team members and leading the design and implementation. This shift in authority can be a difficult transition from the more autonomous role of a software developer. Leadership skills, such as the ability to manage team dynamics as well as delegation may be skills the software developer must seriously consider to be successful in the new role.

Making the shift from a software developer to a project manager can also include other challenges, such as taking on a leadership role and having to make decisions that will affect the project and company. Project managers must also be aware of the changing environment and adjust team resources accordingly. Taking on the role of a project manager is a huge responsibility and can be a difficult and daunting task for a software developer.

3. Strategies to Overcome the Challenges of Being a Project Manager for a Good Software Developer

“When a program is being written, those who are doing the writing must not only have a good grasp of programming fundamentals, but also have a clear vision of the end goal” – Keith DeGreene

Developing Strong Communication

Being a good project manager for software developers means needing to maintain good communication with both developers and non-technical stakeholders. This requires good planning and frequent communication to ensure everyone is on the same page. It is important to ask the correct questions and discuss the goals of the project; this helps to gain a better understanding of how to work together effectively. Additionally, it is important to clearly articulate tasks and deadlines and be actively involved in the development process. It can help to explain the technical aspects in a non-technical way for stakeholders so that everyone is aware of the progress and able to communicate concerns or issues to one another.

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Helping Technology Teams Work Together

Another key factor in managing a software development project is to ensure collaboration across the technology team, while keeping development on track. It is important to create a strong team culture that encourages honest and open feedback. This helps with problem-solving and building trust, and can result in faster problem resolution. It is also important to make sure developers are working toward the same goal, with an understanding of complementary roles and clear guidelines and expectations. This ensures everyone is working in tandem while being aware of the limitations of their own resources.

Finally, it is beneficial to promote innovation and creativity in the software development project. This can help to quickly resolve problems and think of creative solutions. It is important to be available at all times, listen to the stakeholders needs and be aware of the side effects of any proposed solutions. This helps the project manager to provide useful feedback and make sure the project proceeds on schedule.


The burning question when it comes to project management and software creation is this: can a software developer also be a good project manager? On the face of it, the two disciplines appear to require very different skills – with a developer requiring technical knowledge and a project manager possessing the abilities to effectively plan, direct and coordinate the actions of others. However, the answer is not so straightforward.

Those who are experts in the field and success stories of developers who have made the switch to project management suggest that the answer can be yes. But ultimately, it comes down to the individual’s own skills, experience and knowledge. It also requires a willingness to acquire new skills outside of pure development, such as project management concepts and frameworks. If you’re interested in exploring the relationships between software development and project management further, then be sure to follow our blog for new releases.