Could an IT degree be your golden ticket to landing a job as a Software Developer?

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to enter the world of software development with ease while others find it difficult to break in? Are technology degrees the key to a successful career in software development, or is there more to it? Could an IT degree really be your golden ticket to a rewarding career in software development?
The current job market is highly competitive, and this is especially true in the technology and software development sector. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers is set to continue to rise, with faster than average growth estimated at 17 percent from 2016 to 2026. Despite the positive job outlook, the competition among job seekers seeking an entry into this sector remains tight.
In order to gain a foothold in the world of software development, potential job seekers need to demonstrate ability, knowledge and experience in this field that are in line with current industry standards. In some cases, a degree in a related field such as computer science, IT or software engineering would be seen as a major advantage. While these qualifications provide a valuable base on which to build a career in software development, it is also important to focus on the other skills that potential employers are looking for.
In this article you will learn how having an IT degree can provide job applicants with some advantages in the software development world, as well as how additional qualifications and experience can further strengthen a job application. It also looks at the different paths available to software development professionals, and how having an IT degree can give you an advantage when looking for job opportunities.


An IT degree is an academic degree related to information technology and computers. It typically includes courses and topics such as complex computing systems, computer software and hardware, programming language, scripting, and network architecture. It prepares individuals for a career in the IT and computing fields.
Software Developer is a professional who develops, designs, and tests computer software. Software Developers work on software projects that range from creating new computer applications to maintaining existing software and troubleshooting technical problems.
A Software Developer may use different programming languages and frameworks to complete their job. They may also work on databases, build websites, and design user interfaces. Software Developers often work together with other IT professionals and have communication and problem-solving skills.
An IT degree can help an individual become a Software Developer. Coursework from an IT degree can help individuals become familiar with different coding languages and the fundamentals of computing, network architecture, and system design. It provides a solid foundation for someone to understand and apply the technical concepts used by Software Developers. An IT degree can give individuals the competitive edge when vying for Software Developer jobs and can provide career progression opportunities.

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–Exploring the Role of an IT Degree in Landing a Job as a Software Developer

What is IT Degree?

IT Degree, or Information Technology Degree, is a college or university bachelor’s degree in the field of Information Technology, which is a growing field of expertise. IT Degree professionals combine knowledge from varying fields of study such as computing, engineering, and mathematics to develop, interpret, configure, and install computer-based software and systems. Through the course of their studies, they are expected to acquire the knowledge, technical skills, and customer-service skills necessary to design, deploy, maintain, and troubleshoot computer networks as well as identify and implement solutions to the complex software and hardware problems.

What is Software Development?

Software Development is the process of developing computer programs and applications. A software developer must understand the system development life cycle, possess excellent problem-solving skills, and possess a deep knowledge of programming languages. Additionally, software developers must be excellent communicators, able to work in teams, and able to take initiative to research and develop solutions.

Does IT Degree Make You Stand Out as a Software Developer?

An IT degree can definitely make you stand out as a software developer by equipping you with the technical and practical skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the software development field. In addition to the technical skills related to programming and software engineering, an IT degree program typically involves classes related to project planning, system analysis, customer service, network architecture, and more. Those who have completed an IT degree program have a solid foundation in the knowledge and skills necessary for success in software development.

Benefits of IT Degree to Software Developers

  • Students of IT degree are exposed to the various aspects of software development from creating the design of the system to analyzing its effectiveness. This ensures they have a broader perspective and technical understanding before getting into the software development field that makes them ready to face any challenging tasks.
  • A degree in IT provides software developers with in-depth knowledge of programming languages, technology, business processes, and system analysis. This helps them write quality code and be more efficient in their work.
  • By taking part in an IT degree program, developers become instantaneously marketable and can land a higher-paying job. IT Degrees also provide the opportunity to stay up to date with the latest technologies and software.
  • Holders of IT Degrees have the upper hand when seeking jobs as software developers.
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In conclusion, an IT degree can surely be an asset to software developers, not only increasing their chances of landing a job but also giving them greater insight into software development.

Therefore, when considering a career in software development, it is worthwhile to consider pursuing an IT degree and taking advantage of its benefits to give you a competitive edge in the software development field.

–The Challenges and Benefits of Obtaining an IT Degree

The Benefits of an IT Degree

An IT degree is an indispensable part of a software developer’s arsenal. It covers the theoretical and practical skills needed to write software as well as the fundamentals of computing and networks. Having an IT degree helps demonstrate to potential employers that they possess the education and training to be successful in their chosen field. An IT degree can also provide a valuable foundation in mathematics and problem-solving skills that is necessary for software development. Furthermore, it gives students the opportunity to gain experience in fields such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and user experience design, which are becoming more important in the modern day tech industry. With its emphasis on problem-solving and coding, an IT degree can be the starting point to a successful career in software development.

Challenges of Obtaining an IT Degree

Obtaining an IT degree is not without its challenges. It can be a difficult and daunting task to complete due to the sheer amount of material and difficult concepts that must be understood and mastered. Furthermore, students must take the initiative to get ahead in their studies by utilizing available resources such as textbooks, tutorials and lectures. Additionally, given the competitive nature of the software engineering industry, there is an expectation that students not only understand the fundamentals, but also stay up-to-date with new technologies and trends. This means that students must continually invest time and effort into honing their skills in order to remain relevant in the industry.
While an IT degree may be the starting point of a successful career in software engineering, it is important to note that there is no guarantee. The challenges of obtaining an IT degree may seem daunting, but with the right attitude and perseverance students can find success.

–The Skills Necessary to Succeed as a Software Developer

The Necessity of an IT Degree

In the modern tech-focused job market, having a college degree is an important factor in becoming a software developer. Obtaining a degree in Information Technology (IT) ensures that you have the necessary skills to properly develop software that meets the demands of modern businesses and consumers. IT degrees tend to focus on the theory behind software development and programming, which equips students with the knowledge of how to properly develop software from start to finish. This knowledge is essential for any software developer, as it provides them with the tools to create powerful and versatile software solutions.

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Technical Skills Required

Alongside the theoretical knowledge taught by an IT degree, software developers must also have a significant amount of technical skills. It is important to have a comprehensive understanding of various programming languages, such as Java, C#, and Python. In addition, technicians must also possess the capability to debug software in a timely manner to fix errors and improve performance. These technical skills are the foundation to which software development is centered around, and are essential to succeed in the field.
Being able to understand the features of an operating system is yet another important skill that any software developer must possess. This includes having an understanding of the computer’s internal hardware, networking capabilities, and memory management techniques. Without these skills, software development becomes a nearly impossible task, as computers are the primary platform they are created on.
Overall, an IT degree is a viable option to become a software developer. It provides students with the necessary theoretical approaches to software development, as well as the technical skills to create powerful software solutions. Although having this degree is not a guaranteed path to success, it is a strong start to beginning a career in software development.


The golden ticket to success for a software developer is a degree in information technology, but just how golden is it? Is an IT degree enough to land you a good job as a software developer? This invigorating question warrants more investigation. To get the answers, be sure to keep following our blog for new releases.
We understand that there may be additional questions on the topic, so we’ve put together a Frequently Asked Questions section to better understand the role an IT degree plays in achieving success as a software developer. Could a software developer get by without an IT degree? Generally speaking, it is possible for a software developer to gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success without a degree. While there are many ways to acquire such skills, having an IT degree can certainly accelerate the process. What types of jobs are available for software developers? Software developers may work in a variety of different industries, such as healthcare, finance, gaming, engineering, technology, and many more. The type and scope of role a software developer can play will depend largely on their skills and experience as well as the specific industry they work in. What are some common job duties of a software developer? Software developers typically work with creating and maintaining code, debugging software, writing API documentation, developing UI/UX skills, creating software architectures, and managing software development projects. Are there other skills software developers need? In order to be successful in their role, software developers need to have a range of technical and interpersonal skills, such as communication, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and the ability to work in a team. Is there a benefit to having an IT degree? Having an IT degree can be advantageous for software developers, as it can provide them with a strong foundation of knowledge and experience in the field. This knowledge and experience can help them stand out among their peers and possibly acquire higher salaries.
Overall, while there are several ways software developers can gain experience and expertise without an IT degree, having a degree certainly offers many benefits. For more on this topic, be sure to stay tuned for more content from our blog.